MALEFIC TIME: SOUM [Luis Royo; Rómulo Royo; Kenny Ruiz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. MALEFIC TIME: SOUM. Malefic Time: Soum (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Luis Royo, Rómulo Royo, Kenny Ruiz. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Malefic Time has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. Esperadísimo spin-off sobre Soum, uno de los personajes más carismáticos de Malefic Time, de mano del genial.

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I have a childish defense to this, maybe is good to say it in case anyone are in my mood, I think about the whole next year expecting me and I say: Will be a dream of light. Someday I have also to talk more about Luz. Did you know that Luz instead of talking sometimes just growls? Did you know that there are owls in the lair of Luz?

A future Tokyo. Malefic Time: Soum

In the same New York… what extrangest cities await us. And I look him, poor… These nights you wander through your brain and how many aisles!


Impossible in a short livetime opening a thousandth part of those doors, and also when you open some of them are really scary, what things we carry on our backs without giving nearly account, from where the hell sou left so many monstrous glares and how they stayed here?. I look at him and I wonder: Will he have time to open his own doors?.

Malefic Time: Soum by Kenny Ruiz

These days, I know the Stains have walked also one of his corridors, a rich one, because his eyes sparkle malfic front of his work, and I am convinced that Hats has also opened a door that has uploaded his energies. How much I miss those halls and those sweet doors each time harder to encounter with. Chemical things missing in our body says the guy in the white coat. You can get calm chemically, that one could be more in harmony with the environment, can achieve serenity… haha, and that he says comfortably seated in an armchair, has he looked out the window at the world out there?

I do not want that harmony, I do not want that calm, I came here to leave!.

I do want to keep opening doors, although some affright me, although some bend me and I fell on the floor. I look at him and do not tell what is in those rooms that I open, the beasts I encounter, may he open his if he wants, and if not, may he stay sitting on his ass over his harmony and serenity, may he stay with chemistry. The only serenity I do envy is the one of the young man malefiic sits on a stone and watch the horizon, years pass and still sitting on the same stone, its beard grows, he grows old and watch the horizon from the same stone, malefci has never turned his face and his gaze is fixed on the horizon, I envy him.


How much time he had to walk through those endless corridors. Open many doors he could opened. I said Soum has slanted eyes, is agile and alert as a squirrel… well, let Soum come another night with us.