Horizon Scanning Technology. Prioritising Summary. LifePort. ® kidney transporter: A portable donor kidney transporter/ perfuser. November 24 – What to do after pumping begins. 28 – Removing a kidney from LifePort Kidney Transporter; removing used Perfusion Circuit after a case. 34 – 45 . The LifePort Kidney Transporter is a revolutionary method of transporting kidneys for transplantation: it is a portable, insulated perfusion transporter with.

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C and lactate dehydrogenase assay kit cat no. Articles from Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine are provided here courtesy of Spandidos Publications. The differences between the dynamic perfusion parameters at three analyzed time points 0, 3 and 6 h were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance and the Least Significant Difference test for multiple liveport.

The Lifeport Kidney Transporter

In a study presented to the XIX International Congress of the Transplantation Society Jacobi et al found that machine preservation improved the condition of kidneys and was an effective organ evaluation tool.

The final problem needed to be solved was the measurement of portal inflow. However, the major obstacle preventing large-scale experimental application of HMP for rat livers is a lack of a portable HMP trqnsporter that is compatible with the size of rat livers. China Find articles by Ling Li. Liver histology Liver samples were analyzed using hematoxylin and eosin staining Fig. Subsequently, the portal inflow per min was calculated according to the association with the volume, weight and density of perfusate.

The level of endothelin in the hepatic effluent every 3 h of the 6-h HMP period was assessed using a commercialized assay kit cat no.

LifePort kidney transporter: a portable donor kidney transporter/ perfuser

To overcome the shortage of brain-dead donors for liver transplantation, extended criteria donors ECDs have been used 1. The isolated perfused rat liver: Drawbacks of life improvement none known Research and need The product addresses the serious need for donation organs.


The lack of effective integration of these equipment was the major obstacle associated with the portability of HMP, leading to restriction for its implementation. Nowadays, it has been demonstrated that cold storage, a traditional organ preservation technique, cannot meet the demands of ECD preservation due to the reduced ischemic tolerance of these marginal grafts 78. China Find articles by Xiaoyan Hu. A surgical experience with five hundred thirty liver transplants in the rat.

Published online Dec 1. Rapid assessment of islet viability with acridine orange and propidium iodide. The levels of sinusoidal dilatation, endothelial cell detachment and vacuolization were determined by two independent operators.

Received Dec 22; Accepted Jul In general, Lifeport stops automatically once excessive pressure occurs. China Find articles by Cheng Zeng. China Find articles by Xianpeng Zeng. B-side was the shunt side for decreasing the portal inflow and avoiding termination of LifePort due to excessive pressure under Prime mode. C-side was connected to the infuse line and A-side was connected to the pressoreceptor. Hypothermic machine preservation in human liver transplantation: Five-year experience with donation after cardiac death kidney transplantation in a Canadian transplant program: Refining upon the benefits of machine perfusion.

This portable device can safely be carted through a hospital, driven over city streets, or shipped cross country in air cargo, displaying and recording vital signs all along the way.

Expert Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol.

Introduction To overcome the shortage of brain-dead donors for liver transplantation, extended criteria donors ECDs have been used 1. Therefore, to assess the extent of cellular damage, biochemical and histological parameters were investigated to judge the damage profile due to HMP. HMP may immediately terminate once the perfusion pressure exceeds the upper limit trandporter the LifePort.

The Lifeport Kidney Transporter – INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

No significant difference was observed between the two regions. Effects on hepatic function in an ex kidne model. Please review our privacy policy. Hypothermic machine perfusion versus cold storage in the rescuing of livers from non-heart-beating donor rats. Compared with cold storage, hypothermic machine perfusion HMPa dynamic preservation technique, results in continuous delivery of oxygen for cellular energy reconstitution, supply of metabolic substrates, washout of residual erythrocytes, thrombi and toxic metabolic byproducts.


At the end of hypothermic machine perfusion, samples at points a, b, c tranwporter d of CR and a’, b’, c’ and d’ lifelort of PR were obtained. Role of oxygen during hypothermic machine perfusion preservation of the liver. Finally, the samples were observed under a light microscope. Outcome of liver transplantation using donors older than 60 years of age.

Research and need The product addresses the serious need for donation organs. Perfusate samples from the portal inflow and the catheter cannulated in suprahepatic vena cava were respectively collected and measured using a pH-blood gas analyzer i-STAT; Abbott Point of Care, Inc.

Combined with the results of ATP test Functionality and use of design The LifePort kidney Transporter gently perfuses kidneys with cold physiologic solution to improve orden condition during transport to transplant recipient. Longterm results of liver transplantation from donation after circulatory death. When creating this portable device it was vital that the extensive engineering complexities were solved, and it had to be easily transported by a wide variety of hospital personnel and air and other transport personnel.

Fully supporting the organ with lieport flow, pressure, and pulse, Lifeport functions much like a hibernative surrogate body.