The largest of our Legacy PBX systems is the Panasonic KX-TDThis system was expandable from a single cabinet system to a dual cabinet and ultimately a. KX-TD – Panasonic KX-TD Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System and Voice Processing System. For Best Price Call or Email Us. Introduction. This system reference manual provides general technical information on Panasonic KX-TD system. This includes a description of the system, its.

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Calls can reach you anywhere in the world, hours a day, 7-days a week. To set the trunk CO line features, follow the instructions for “Settings for the trunk CO line features” in 5. Refer to the documentation included with the PBX or consult your dealer for more information. PBX networking offers you various useful functions mx especially in the business scene.

KX-TD PBX Programming for DPT Integration

Assignment of the VPS card and its model. Account Codes Account codes can help manage your telephone expenses by identifying incoming and outgoing external call for accounting and billing purposes. Ring Groups After a call is answered, it can be transferred to the appropriate group or department where all the phones will ring.

Phantom Extensions Any outside call or internal transfer can be sent to a Phantom Extension, which will ring every phone with that extension button.

If ks want to use the features which utilize DID numbers e. If installing a new VPS card, begin with step 1. To reach the VPS, users dial these extension numbers. With this affordable breakthrough in call management, growing business can now easily expand at their own rate.


Configuration The modular design of the Panasonic KX-TD allows fd500 to expand from 8 phones and 8 lines to as many as extensions and CO lines by adding expansion cards ports max. The system can be installed in a one, two, or three shelf configuration, providing economical expansion from ports 1 cabinetto ports 2 cabinetsto ports 3 cabinets.

Users can temporarily log themselves in and out of the group. You can now forward your calls te500 your cell phone, another location, or even to your home. Plus many more features Since each port connected to the VPS provides two extensions, this enables you to assign extension numbers to each port. Go to the System Option 6 screen. Click Apply to save the card type assignment.

Set Status to INS. Additionally, callers can be required to dial a security code to access extensions of the system’s outside lines. Programming procedures and availability may vary by PBX model, software version, etc.

Panasonic KX-TD500 Telephone User Manual

With Direct In Dial DID service, calls can be set up to bypass the attendant and directly ring through at the desired extension. The outside caller can have direct access to the following features: Go to the Extension Port Assignment kc. Four different outgoing messages can be recorded and played in a cycle, and a separate extension can be assigned for overflow calls. Assignment of the extension ports connected to the VPS.


Enhanced Caller ID The system can display the caller phone number and name if provided by the local phone company simultaneously on Panasonic digital display phones. Select the card T1 Service The system’s T1 service, which allows a pair of wires to be electronically divided into 24 channels, eliminates the need of running separate lines and provides an extremely cost-effective way to connect the system to the telephone tc500 central office.

Select the appropriate VPS card Another great feature is “follow-me” programming, which allows you to remotely set Call Forwarding from another phone within your organization, so call to your extension will reach you while you roam.

So you can expand your system at your own rate while keeping upgrading costs to a minimum. Up to eight ring groups can be created with an unlimited number of extensions in each group. Assign an extension td5500 number for the port.

Panasonic KX-TD Digital Super Hybrid Phone System Panasonic is leading the way in today’s diverse marketplace by td5500 the latest advanced in digital technology into the expanding business environment. For more information, call National Parts Center at Group numbers 1 to are available to the VPS through additional programming.

Up to phantom extensions can be assigned.