James Branch Cabell was an American author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres . Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. L. Mencken. Jurgen [James Branch Cabell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. James Branch Cabell’s career was short-lived – his works fit neatly within. James Branch Cabell’s Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice went before a court in and became a bestseller, but today Cabell has met the fate of.

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If so, you should read this book. I found myself just beginning to weary in the middle, but getting right back into the spirit of things vabell they got more serious. Still not hidden enough, at least at first, as the book was banned on first publication. Neil Gaiman has called Cabell his favourite author; Robert Heinlein and Jack Vance began their careers by unabashedly trying to emulate him; James Blish, Lin Carter and Poul Anderson contributed articles to a journal devoted to studying him Roger Zelazny sent in letters.

For those whose form-of-life depended on taking absolutely seriously, without irony, such issues as the virtues cabelo chastity or the sanctity of the priesthood, this nonchalance was probably more threatening than any overt polemic could have been. Like a good mediaeval man as our school-years readings of the Canterbury Tales have taught us all jurten, he continually resorts to barnch the auctoritees to justify his actions. What follows is a loosely connected set of adventures, as Jurgen meets a centaur, is taken into a cave that acts as a magical portal to other worlds.

He wanted me to aim high, to write something future generations would still talk about and read. Books by James Branch Cabell.

A pawnbroker and “monstrous clever fellow,” Jurgen is sent on a fantastic adventure as a reward for being the first person in history to speak well of the Devil in one of the novel’s most amusing and quotable passages.

Fans of Neil Gaiman may recall that Cabell gets mentioned multiple times in his Sandman series.

Worse, combined with the dripping misogyny, it’s spending those pages looking at a fantastic world through the eyes of the offspring of Vizzini and Heddy Youngman. I thought in the german novel “The adventurer Simplex Simpliccissimus” was written by Grimelhausen Perhaps of my readings of Goodreads of “Jurgen” was the borest of my readings. His pronouncements make me laugh, but also make me squirm a little with my modern sensibilities about the equality of sexes: What I am also reading in December 30 Jan 08, In fact, he avoids such uncomfortable thinking really quite devotedly.


Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice; by James Branch Cabell

I am turned to unfertile dust which a whirlwind makes coherent, and presently lets fall. This does not, in the long-term, address his problems… but Jurgen is not a man who thinks in the long-term.

This is a different sort of a read, where the book is a bag to hold amusing sentences and passages. Granch, the real prime mover just tries to keep everything running as well as it can.

James Branch Cabell (Author of Jurgen)

Never has the correct application of trivia about the naming practices of the mediaeval papacy loomed so large over a plot. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is a theme we can all relate to, and jyrgen address one way or another as we seek a philosophical framework that will carry us forward through this troubled life.

But in Jurgen, his default mode is detachment and equanimity, and the emotive moments are brief and sparsely scattered. Do you need your books brannch have a strong driving plot, with no time for diversions and amusing episodes? Part of it is his own decisions: Did not age well.

Jun 03, Rob rated it it was amazing. Everything is jufgen rather than explicite – Cabbell claiming in his defense that it is the reader who has a dirty mind. Jurgen is a pawnbroker and poet who regains his lost youth and sets out on a quest for romance and justice, entering into worlds of Arthurian legend and traditional mythology, then to Hell and Heaven, before finally speaking with Koshchei the Deathless.

The magical alternate reality which he enters is witty, amusing, full of surprising twists, and written in an inimitable style. He’s clever, but not nearly as clever as he thinks. The style is very ornate. Thanks jzmes telling us about the problem. But if the author does tend to see the women in his life as objects and symbols… well, maybe we all struggle to see the people in our lives as people, rather than as the backdrop to our own epics.


In conclusion, Jurgen was a memorable journey for me, one that I would recommend without reservations, and a book that merits a place in a literary Hall of Fame, be it one for fantasy or for general fiction.

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice by James Branch Cabell

Along the way, the protagonist flirts with women and debates philosophy, often bluffing his way out of situations by making up supposed quotes from philosophers, and all the time proud of his own cleverness. Though Hergesheimer never had the publicity-boosting legal history of Cabell, nor the cross-over appeal into Fantasy, their careers had similar trajectories, largely, it appears, due to similarities in style. Perhaps of my readings of Goodreads of “Jurgen” was the borest of my readings.

Jurgen was highly influential in its prime, and your favorite authors have probably read it. Michael Neal I named my imaginary friend after the main character. He suggested I read Jurgen, and then said if I wrote a successful book in the same genre it would probably be forgotten in a few years. I started the Kindle version but could not get into it, abandoning it less than a chapter in. Mencken, who sought to nurture a liberal renaissance in Southern literature and saw Cabell as a standard-bearer for that movement.

All the alegories and the metaphors will be explained in the book, so the lack of a solid background in Greek or Celtic mythology should not be a problem in enjoying the story of Jurgen.

His characters are too weak, even if he does posses a big imagination. Well, one problem Cabell has had has been that he is somewhat stranded between two camps.