Alma Katsu (born ) is an American writer of adult fiction. Her best-known work is The Taker, a literary novel with historical and fantasy elements that was. The Hunger. Alma Katsu. ‘Deeply, deeply disturbing’ STEPHEN KING After having travelled west for weeks, the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads. Alma Katsu love to elevate and sustain, but also to blind and ultimately destroy, The Taker is an immortal love story on an epic scale.

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Jonathon eventually turns to Lanny for physical pleasure and the outcome is devastating. Luke wants answers, which Lanny will give him. Young Jonathan is a Puritan-era player through and through, a lonely golden boy whom all the girls want to have and all the boys love to hate. But the town now made its living catering to the whims of strangers and seemed degraded, like finding your childhood home had been turned into a bordello, or worse, a convenience store.

If you are looking for a fantastic story that will have you hooked straight away and that it bound to be a bestseller then please as soon as this book is out buy you will not be disappointment.

Luke Findlay, a man who had just gone through a series of bad luck himself. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mankind is capable of such selfless acts of love and sacrifice, which makes it all the more engaging when someone willingly chooses to take the darker road, forsaking morality and decency and instead succumbing to the animal instincts buried just below the surface.

However, she is tough and wise and survives through all her tough times. And honestly, nothing quite played out in The Taker like I thought it would. Of course I was severely mistaken. She has some pretty awesome ideas nestled within these pages, all served with a healthy dose of pragmatism where human nature is concerned. Overall though, an entertaining, creepy and thought-provoking read. Perhaps I am being a tad unfair, as he does have certain feelings for her and she plays no innocent part either.


Everyone has secrets, everyone has faults, and Alma Katsu navigates these imperfect waters with great talent. Katsu begins her book by going down that road, but ends up with a sad mimicry of a Rice’s connection between immortality and sadism something that could not have been avoided by the characters even if Katsu had a better writing style. What passes for love is just deep infatuation and I never really believed in it.

Alma Katsu

Feb 01, Valentina “TinchyB” rated it really liked it. He listened to her story since she had supernatural healing abilities and he was intrigued. Though the synopsis of the book does a good job of explaining the basic premise, there is so much history and discovery fashioned within the pages that, to explain them, would rob the story of much of its impact.

He treats Lanny more like a faithful dog, a pet he plays with until he grows bored. He is set to inherit the semi-charmed life and, although he cares much for Lanore, he could never marry her.

I changed my rating to 5 stars because that is a rating I only give to books that I want to, or feel compelled to read more than once. Perhaps they were written so to offset the present-day storyline, but in light of other elements I did not enjoy, it wasn’t worth finishing for me.

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The Taker (The Taker, #1) by Alma Katsu

He is the king of his little lair and whatever he desires, he will acquire. The ambitious novel has unquestionably its merits and strong points, which I will come back to later, i,mortal will appeal to a certain target group — which I to my shame have not been able to label yet – but it miserably failed the above mentioned pitch in both aspects: Both men are richly drawn, attractive and yet dangerous in their own way.


May 29, Katie katus rated it really liked it. But this is only Book ONE. My main criticism is that the whole story revolves around and is driven by this supposedly deep and obsessive passion Lanore feels for Jonathan. So… this does sound kind of interesting, doesn’t it? You can skip this one.

The Taker was named one of the ten best debut novels of [2] by Booklist [21] magazine, immortap publication of the American Library Association. Our heroine, a young girl of modest lineage in the repressed puritanical town of St.

However, this is a more realistic imortal to the story and I loved it.

The Taker is much like a horror movie where love is the crazed serial killer and its victims are those who fall in love and want to be loved by that person they fixate on.

True love can last an eternity. He was inexplicably drawn to the young woman. Sorcerer enslaves young immottal then steals his zlma. Her description complete and idea of immortality intriguing.

First I was to say just a little bit about the book cover. That being said, there is a masochistic part of me that would like to know where else this story is to go.

,atsu is a murder suspect, and Luke is inexplicably drawn to her. Anyway, the publisher description was vague enough as to add to the intrigue. However this book was also compelling: Jul 15, Kira rated it did not like it Shelves: