Head over to the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan and discover wall paintings in the Shekhawati havelis (mansions) of Fatehpur, Nawalgarh. Though the havelis in Shekhawati might look dilapidated from the outside, some of them are still active as living spaces. I met Shakti Kaloya and his family, who. Shekhawati in Rajasthan is an offbeat region famous for antique havelis with intricate frescos and doors. Here is a guide to the villages of.

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As shekawati families began moving out of the region to newer centers of businesses, most of their havelis were abandoned and locked up. The highlight is a door with 32 different types of carvings, built with mica making it fire resistant. Mandawa has several havelis, some grander than the others and some others in various states of disrepair.

The story behind abandoned havelis The region was established along an old caravan trade route by the Shekhawat Rajputs. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Most of these havelis had metal torans hanging on the doors. The palatial mansions were not just a means of displaying wealth and opulence, but also had practical necessity because haveliis traders had large families with many descendants, each needing their own private quarters.

This part of Rajasthan can get really cold in the winters, especially when the sun decides to disappear behind the clouds and fog shekjawati over.

Most of their havelis are either abandoned or locked up and a few have been left in the hands of the caretakers.

Most of these artists came from Jaipur where they were involved in the construction of the various palaces and promptly used their techniques and skills to build the grand havelis in seemingly the middle of nowhere. December 4, at This is truly mind boggling… Treasure troves of art and craft. Then there is Mahansarestablished by the Poddar family. The door is flanked by elephant paintings and they lead to the inner courtyard, a common feature in all havelis.


An old man selling souvenirs to tourists outside an intricately carved wooden door. Typical tourists hoping for a quick glance of this region choose to visit Nawalgarh and Mandawa, being the most famous towns of them all.

However Mahansar does boast of a fort which is now a heritage hotel and the Sone ki Dukan or the Shop of Goldwhich has tales from the Hindu mythology being painted in gold.

The Sikhs and Marathas were consolidating political power and competing for ruling India against a rapidly encroaching colonial agency, the British East India Company. Note that it is easy to lose interest in the havelis and their recurring motifs but if you are really interested in the art of the region, consider heading to the following places too:.

Fading Grandeur: The Havelis of Shekhawati | Sahapedia

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In ancient times Shekhawati was not limited to the present two districts. Locals who saw a tourist instantly knew where they were headed. Her story is a beacon of shining light for Shekhawati.


However, there are also scenes from the royal court, street processions and observation of festivals. One such gem is the Shekhawati region. One wall features the festivities of Teej while another one has a long locomotive crossing a bridge.

It is a vast area comprising the districts of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and parts of Churu. But unlike other parts of Rajasthan that are dotted with majestic forts and spectacular views, most places in the Shekhawati region are typical of Indian small towns — chaotic and forgettable.

What makes the Shekhawati region stand out?

And it is easy to see why most people would skip Shekhawati altogether. The Himalayan Village, Kasol — A boy who travels.


The Havelis of Shekhawati – The Bum who Travels

The streets of Mandawa are dominated by multi-storeyed havelis. The door that looked like a foreword to a long forgotten novel.

Hidden under flowering bougainvillea, lies Ramgarh fresco, a year old haveli turned hotel, run by Raghavendra Rathore. InFatehpur was established as a capital for the nawabs. The family dealt in opium and pretty much ran the town. Panels are often painted next to each other with no connection between them as part of a story. The summer brings hot waves of air called loo. Haveli Nadine Le Prince is unarguably the most well-preserved haveli in the entire region.

Of late, there has been a renewed interest in the hidden artwork of this region and the value in restoring them. Also, temperatures in the region can be very harsh and extreme. An early motorcar is seen painted above the window on the ground floor. Two female flywhisk bearers are seen fanning a couple seated on the machine.

The themes painted on the walls of the Vishnunath Keria Haveli depict a marriage of the old and the new. Colours are made on the same day when the painting is to be made, as they dry out fast.

As a result most of their havelis were abandoned and locked up. I understood the transformative hagelis of art when I first visited Shekhawati in Start contributing by making a profile on Sahapedia. The development of janapadas in Rajasthan started with habitation of Aryan. Now abandoned and empty, this place serves as a play area for kids.