Maybe it’s time to get lost—in God. Discover how to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find you. Dannah Gresh traces God’s. What’s the secret to finding love that satisfies? Gresh says that a girl’s heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek him to find her! Challenging society’s. Praise. Praise for Get Lost “So many girls who are longing to be loved are looking in all the wrong places to be filled. Get Lost reaches into those searching.

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Agape is the love we really desire, and it is offered to us. She gets right to the heart of the issue, tells you that it’s okay to feel that way, and then shows you a better way dannay deal with it while always emphasizing that what you really need is a strong relationship with God because no man is ever going to give you everything you need. Not only does she talk about the craving, but she also talks about the cure.

Get Lost explains why everyone has a Craving-a Craving for love-and how it can only be truly fet in the ultimate source of love- God. As you walk with Him day by day, you will come to see yourself through His truths. And I would definitely recommend it!


I would highly recommend it to any teenage girl or young woman. In this compelling read, Dannah Gresh effectively shows young women how to be lost in God first, so that if God then calls them to relationship, they will be far more able to love their man well.

For every girl who has lost hope that God’s best is really out there when it comes to love All the other books are on my shelf. Jul 12, Carla Still rated it really liked it.

Get Lost : Dannah Gresh :

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Description Have you ever ditched a friend for a guy? Oct 18, Emily rated it it was amazing. We have a Violent Craving for love Regardless of what happens on the outside, the Dwnnah will be at work on your heart. Dealt with everything in a good, different way.

Dannah Gresh is one amazing author with seemingly answers to everything! Maybe you married young, trying to fill the need to feel loved, without a relationship with God, no man will fill the emptiness in your heart. Discover how to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find you. Jan 10, Alannah rated it it was amazing. With a guided ten-day Love Feast Challenge, Get Lost will help you see for yourself how getting lost in God opens the door to lifelong fulfillment. Each of them outlines the specific qualities of a man and woman lost in God.


Love can be so complicated, if we let it. Changed in a Flash.

Nothing really worth mentioning. Every girl needs to grab a copy and get lost in the wise guidance and biblical love story Dannah weaves so well. Is your mind always whirling with thoughts?

Debating the importance of a love relationship and service for God on Get Lost. The Bible actually has a name for it: The effects are still lasting on me!

Get Lost : Your Guide to Finding True Love

Apr 10, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Best-selling author Dannah Gresh has been at the forefront of that movement and answers charges today as we Get Lost. This is a book about Greshh and guys and how we can sometimes get them mixed up. In the Greek, this love is called agape.