The router must be used in compliance with all applicable international and national laws and in compliance with any special restrictions regulating the. EDGE industrial router ER75i v2 is used to wirelessly connect various equipments and de- vices via Ethernet interface 10/ to the Internet or intranet. Thanks. Please, observe the following instructions: • The router must be used in compliance with all applicable international and national laws and in compliance with.

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Robust industrial construction, connection status monitoring and control, control via SMS and rr75i advanced features based on our previous and successful products – the complete list of routers may be find here.

Router GPRS/EDGE Conel ER75i v2B set

Datasheet Subscribe to notification. Provide drivers, manuals etc. Files for Et75i v2 – download – 2v. In the bottom part of the window it wr75i possible to define access over CSD connection. The wireless router is supplied either in a plastic or metal casing, based on the requirements of the customer. PCN Subscribe to notification.

Switched to a failed second attempt made after 30 minutes. EnOcean wireless thermo switches and Enocean remote sensors. If parameter Switch to primary SIM card after timeout is checked and parameters are set as follows Initial Timeout — 60min.


Transportation and security – connection of various sensors in trains, vehicles, container transportation assistance and river boats. Visit the Advantech Global websiteor choose your country or region below. Configuration is done via web interface protected by password.

Poll Do you plan to use LTE technology? M-RAM memory built inside the router may be used for storage of the router statistics or to run various applications.

Other diagnostic functions ensuring continuous communication include automatic inspection of PPP connection offering an automatic restart feature – in case of connection losses, or hardware watchdog which monitors the status of the router.

Parameter Switch to primary SIM card after timeout enable defines the method, how.

Compact dimensions, all necessary ports, LED, antenna connector in the front of the router and option to be attached to a DIN bar. Buy Online Support Live Chat When I start the router, when three fails to establish a PPP connection. Range is from 1 to minutes. I agree to the processing of personal data.

In er5i that the roaming is detected the parameter Switch to backup SIM card. Documents to download Subscribe to all notifications. For Port1 are available: To save and backup communica- tion data a version with two SIM cards is available.


With the help of a special window start up script window you may insert Linux scripts for various actions. This allows mass reconfiguration of many routers in one time.

ER75i v2 product – Detail – Engineering Portal

How Can We Help? Parameter Subsequent Timeout sets the time period for every other next attempt to make connection with default APN, range is from 1 to minutes. Web interface provides er7i statistics about the wireless router activities, signal strength, detailed log, etc.

Subsequent Timeout 30min a Subsequent Timeout – 20min. Option to switch between SIM cards if the preset data limit is reached, for example during roaming detection, etc. The wide range of interface options of the router further expands expansion Port1 and Port2, which are selected by the customer.

Pictures Subscribe to notification. Configuration Manual Subscribe to notification. Additive Constant is 15 minutes. I agree I disagree. Payment and delivery conditions If you have any question. In an unsuccessful attempt to switch to default SIM. Subscribe to all notifications. Cart The Shopping Cart is empty.