Updated 09/24/ Revised 07/13/ ELECTRONIC PERSONNEL SECURITY QUESTIONNAIRE SF86 WORKSHEET This document is meant to be a. Form: SF86 – GSA: GSA Forms Library. Find a Form Search by Form number, name or keywords. Top Forms · GSA Forms · Standard Forms · Optional Forms. EPSQ SF86 Worksheet: This document is meant to be a detailed “Check List” in preparation for completing the SF86 on the Electronic Personnel Security.

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Purpose The Federal government conducts background investigations to establish that appointees to Federal positions are suitable for placement. This form is used to gather the information necessary for completion of your background investigation to determine your eligibility for a security clearance.

Standard Form 86

Only the document created using the EPSQ software will be accepted for processing. The manual version of the form is provided here sf8 a worksheet only. Completion of the manual form will assist you in entering all of the required information in the EPSQ program. The instructions below are provided to show what information is needed when completing the form.


An accurately completed form will greatly assist you in completion of the electronic EPSQ package. It is very important that you take your time, ensuring that every question has been answered completely and accurately. Errors and omissions may result in your questionnaire being rejected by the investigative agency conducting your background check.

If your form is rejected, it will delay your st86 and may require you to complete parts, worlsheet all, of this form again.

Security Clearance Application SFpdf – DocDroid

Gaps in coverage exceeding 60 workssheet will result in your form being rejected. It is a felony to knowingly provide false information on this form.

Manually completed forms are no longer acceptable. This is to ensure that the latest possible date is entered on your form before it is sent.

For the past 3 yearsyou must provide the name and address of a person who knew you at each address.

If you do not have a current address for these persons, use the last address known. In block 10, ‘ Where You Went to School ‘, it is important that you include the school’s address. In block 12, “People Who Know You Well”, provide complete addresses, phone numbers and time periods for each person you have listed.


In bock 13, provide information on your current and any former spouses. If more space is needed, use a blank sheet and provide the same information for each spouse. Read the entire instruction pages before completing this form. Fill in blocks completely self-explanatory. Blocks 14 – 18, self-explanatory. Blocks 19 – 30, self-explanatory. If you answer ‘YES’ in blocks 23 – 30, you must include provide an explanation.

If additional space is needed, you may use the continuation sheet, SF 86A. When that is completed, you will need to print the EPSQ version, along the the page indicating that there are no errors and submit these documents. The Federal government conducts background investigations to establish that appointees to Federal positions are suitable for placement. Special Instructions for Completing this Form.