Come and mend your broken hearts here. In this retelling of the classic tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” the eldest princess must fight to save her. Readers who enjoy stories of royalty, romance, and magic will delight in Dixon’s first novel. Part confection, part acute observation, the story of. Remember Entwined, that amazing novel by Heather Dixon? (Really, you haven’t read it yet? You should probably fix that problem right now.).

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They made me sigh.

: Entwined (): Heather Dixon: Books

Cook rated it really liked it. So that is admittedly a matter of taste, but emphatically not a trait tha This book is… weird. First off, this is great for fans of family dynamics. Lord Teddie investigating the mystery of the twelve dancing princesses is a book I’d read and reread in a heahher.

Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork

Then, as the story unravelled, I realised what Keeper was. The owner of the pavilion introduces himself as the Keeper, and explains he was part of the legendary High King’s court, but rebelled and was trapped within the castle as punishment.

I loved it so so much! I can’t believe her editor didn’t get her to chop more off. Our villain, the Keeper not really a spoiler, honestly was frightening and fascinating The exit is magically blocked and the pavilion erupts into a wild and violent masquerade ball. And the villain in this story is very evil and yucky.


I mean there’s a castle and some princesses, and eentwined not forget about the crazy, evil king with actual magic. It’s fairytale at perfection.

To be honest, I felt they were all very shallow and one dimensional. I’ll try to make the rundown quick of the premise. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: This book has delightful main characters and a perfect confection of a pseudo-Victorian setting.

I connect with her. That being said, dkxon of them stirred me particularly. The politics of the world are vaguely mentioned but not really explained to the readers.

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Meanwhile, the King puts an advertisement in the newspaper inviting gentlemen to stay at the castle for two ehather to try and solve the riddle of where the princesses dance at night. A promise that means standing up to the King. These girls love to dance.

It literally took me about pages before I actually started to like the book and the characters.

I loved it for being a stand-alone. Because this usually tends to translate to: The four stars were more for my own experience of it. All the girls want to dance and laugh again, but the older ones are also drawn to the guardian of that enchanted place—a graceful, black-haired youth, who has sixon name except the title Keeper. There they meet the Keeper, a dashing, young man dressed in all black. Also, let me say how relieved I was when Keeper wasn’t a serious love interest.


I feel like it’s a big thing when girls, especially, don’t feel loved by their father. As for a retelling, I felt this was a pretty run of the mill fairytale world. He wore a costume of a long waistcoat and a sweeping cloak that brushed the edge of the marble. The next morning Fairweller informs the princesses their mother died in the night, giving birth to their twelfth sister, Lily.

She barely stops herself, and her overlay of kindness is hasty and thin. There is no depth. Diixon plot moves swiftly along, allowing some things that should always happen in novels to take place.