Economic importance Earias insulana is a major pest of cotton in the Eastern Mediterranean. Damage is caused by the larvae, which cause. Acontia xanthophila Walker, ; Earias chlorion Rambur; Earias frondosana Walker; Earias gossypii Frauenfeld; Earias insulana syn. The symptoms of attack are similar for all Earias spp. Cotton infestation generally starts with shoot boring in the young crop. Earias insulana enters the terminal.

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Earias insulana (Boisduval, ) – Halias du Coton (La) – Overview

The pest develops all year around in eqrias Eastern Mediterranean region, without a winter diapause. Proceedings of a national symposium on pesticide residues and environmental pollution, Muzaffarnagar, India, October, Muzaffarnagar, India; Sanatan Dharm College, The symptoms of attack are similar for all Earias spp.

By using this site, you agree eariae the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lunar periodicity and flight activity of nocturnal Lepidoptera at different levels. Egg parasitoides reduce pest populations, but they are often killed by the extensive use of chemical pesticides. However, field tests carried out in the Indian Punjab in to investigate the damage to different cotton varieties caused by several bollworms, including E.


Behaviour and activity of the pink and the spiny cotton bollworms in Egypt Lepidoptera. Prospects of using sex pheromone for the control of cotton bollworms, Earias insulana Boisd. The biology of the insulaja parasites of Earias fabia Stoll. Ilango L; Uthamasamy S, Relation of gossypol-gland density with bollworm incidence and yield in tree cotton Gossypium arboreum.

Earias insulana

The susceptibility of certain American Upland and Sakel cotton varieties to bollworms infestation Lepidoptera: Stam and Elmosa report that Insulwna. Typically, the pupal stage takes 9—15 days, but may extend to up to two months if development is delayed by low temperatures.

Effect of cutting the terminal shoots of cotton plants topping on rate of bollworm infestation, cotton yield ineulana fibre quality. Noctuidae in some cotton phenotypes. Sex pheromone gland and calling behaviour of female spiny bollworm Erias insulana Boisduval.

It is a rare in immigrant in Great Britain. Earias species of cotton growing in the Ivory Coast: Coton et Fibres Tropicales, 25 4: Insect pests of cotton. Annals of Agricultural Science Cairo35 2: Investigations on the biology, ecology and control of Earias insulana Boisd.

Protection Ecology, 6 1: Ahmed T; Ullah G, Mating, oviposition and gamma sterilization of the spotted bollworm of cotton, Earias insulana. Journal insupana Research, Punjab Agricultural University, 21 4: Agricultural Research Review, 56 1: Entomophaga, 27 Special Issue: Determination of the loss in cotton yield as being affected by the pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella Saund. Resistance to spotted bollworms, Earias spp.

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Ihsulana branching may occasionally occur. Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d’Egypte, Khaliq A; Yousaf M, Ovipositional preference and damage by spotted bollworm Earias fabia Stoll in cotton.

Trinidad, Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control: Common Agricultural Bureaux, Slough, 31 pp. Variation in the relative importance of each species and intraspecific morphological variations. Journal of Advanced Zoology, 8 2: Egyptian stem borer Earias insulana. Body chptotaxy of three noctuid caterpillars.

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Pupation takes place in a felt-like cocoon, which is attached to dry leaves of the food plant or to plant debris on the ground. Monitoring the seasonal abundance of cotton bollworms with pheromone traps.

Indian Journal of Entomology, 7: Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 13 1: When fruiting starts, larvae move to the flower buds, tiny fruits and eventually the mature pods. Mating disruption of the spiny bollworm, Earias insulana Boisduval Lepidoptera: