It gives us Dvořák’s Moravian Duets complete, including the ‘The Soldier’s Life’ and ‘On our roof’, which were not part of the original collections. Written for. Moravian Duets: Antonín Dvořák: Life: his firm’s publication of the Moravian Duets (composed ) for soprano and contralto and the Slavonic Dances ( ). Dvořák – Moravian Duets (complete set) / Šaturová, Cukrová, Nekoranec, Spurný Antonín Dvořák – Moravian Duets: Op. 20 for soprano and.

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Blithely towards this field. I ask you to consider this. Retrieved from ” https: On 12 December of that year he wrote to his publisher Fritz Simrock:. In accordance with the folk model, the songs are generally strophic or tripartite, yet they still demonstrate considerable formal diversity. Keen will be the edge of yonder scythe-blade 4. From thee now I must go 2.


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The Silken Band Chudoba 4. One of the committee members who decided on the allocation of the grants was Johannes Brahmswho took a lively interest in the duets. The vocal lines trace the original texts with maximum spontaneity mogavian perfectly capture their natural simplicity.

Yonder brooklet ripples 2. This year he has submitted, among others, a volume of duets for two sopranos and piano which seem to me to be both attractive and practical. Dvorak also arranged five of his duets for four unaccompanied female voices.

Moravian Duets | work by Dvořák |

In August of the following year Dvorak wrote four duets Op. Dvoorak title and, regrettably, also the text are only in Czech. Retrieved 8 January Friends were we on meeting 5. He wrote in his letter to Simrock from 12 December Turn about, my pretty sweetheart 3. Dvorak initially agreed to this, but then decided that, instead of arranging the existing melodies, he would use only the texts, for which he would write completely new musical settings.


Moravian Duets in Czech: The cycle was dedicated “to the honorable Jan Neff, Esquire, and his highly esteemed Spouse”. Down a dove flew 3. Fly, sweet songster 3. The collection moraviian Moravian Duets appeared gradually, over a period of approximately two and a half years. Archived from the original on June 21, These duets were originally published separately as Op.

DVOŘÁK The Complete Moravian Duets

Fly, sweet songster 5. Violet thou are, my love 4.

Dvorak writes all sorts of things, operas Czechsymphonies, quartets, piano pieces. After an interval of five weeks, he added another ten duets to this collection marked in the manuscript as Series III, Op.

Pretty maiden, locks a-flowing 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.