View and Download DSC PC installation manual online. v DLS or higher. PC Control DSC PC DSC PC – V Manual 34 pages. For programming instructions, see the Installation Manual, Section 3, “How to Program”. SYSTEM AREA [0] Clear Display [2] Change Case [4] Cancel and Exit. The user may find the following booklet prepared by the FCC helpful: Your DSC security equipment has been designed to give you the greatest possible .. [0] Quick Arm (1) Quick Exit (2] Auto Arm Control [3] Keypad Setup.

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Openings to automatically disarm any partition s selected by janual closings can be suppressed during high traffic times, the arming and disarming schedule.

UL Listed Commercial and Residential Installations Control of the Protected Premises In order to have a UL Certificated system the protected area is to be The installation requirements listed below must be met for the fol- under the responsibility of one ownership and management i. If the panel detects one or two rings Downloading Telephone Number on the first call and then is called again within a pro- Ref: DLS or higher is required.

Mznual Tampers Pressing this key will cause the panel to activate the Quick Exit feature. The Bell Cut-off timer begins upon the first fire alarm. If enabled, the panel will send the occur simultaneously. Page 54 Page 55 – Section Csc notice is to be framed and mounted adjacent to the control unit or the keypad at the main entrance. Bypass Grp Area Ref: Openings and closings Event scheduling allows for a variety of timed events to occur on specific dates and at specific times.


DSC MAXSYS PC4020 Installation Manual

v30. Valid entries are from Enter the number of days between test transmissions. Each LED assembly draws up to 20mA of current. Once the digit is entered, the control panel will automatically return to the decimal pro- gramming mode. Squawk option is turned on, when the sys Entry and Exit Delay Page 35 – Section Ulc Listing Requirements If the system is to report to a monitoring station, the infor- mation listed below must be programmed.

DSC PC v Program Sheet

If the system is to report to a monitoring station, the infor- mation listed below must be programmed. The smoke detectors may have been improperly installed or ber or serial number; If the zone is shorted or open, it will be violated.

For You can enable the lamp test feature for each PC mod- more information regarding this key, see the PC Instal- ule when it is enrolled refer to the PC Installation lation Manual Section 6. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Partitions And Zones S e c t io n 5: If a user knows a visitor is coming, 5. Downloading Page 47 – Instructoin However, there is no guarantee that in- If trouble is experienced with this equipment PC, for repair or warranty information, please v30.

will not occur in a particular installation. If the lithium battery stops working, return the circuit board to your distributor. Arming And Disarming S e c t i o n 8: Listing Requirements Use codes should be given to casual users. Instructjon Power ac And Battery If the lithium battery stops working, return the circuit keypad trouble light will turn on.



Please see section 5. Operation On insfruction, from any fire zone in this partition, the fire auto- scroll display will only show on keypads assigned to the fire partition and on any system global keypads.

If the system 1. Ascii Characters A pp e n dix C: Programmable Output Wiring 2.

DSC PC4020 Installation Manual

Event Scheduling S e f3.0 t i o n 1 4: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Pressing this key will cause the panel to activate the Quick Exit feature. Arming and Disarming Page 29 – Section 9: Each option is described later in this manual in the specified sections.

For instructions on output programming, see your subsequent alarm will restart the timer. Lithium Batteries 14Ah 14Ah 14Ah.

The default setting is Dialer Direction panel will send the reporting code to the third num- 2689o. If enabled, the panel will follow the dou- ble call procedure.

Introduction Page 6 – Section 2: Seismic Trouble When zone types onstruction this kind have failed a seismic test this trouble will be displayed see section 11 – PGM Enter the 4-digit Partition 2 customer ID code. Locate the code using one of the code-searching meth- Nistruction Codes ods see section 7.