in proceedings in the Court of Protection, or who want to find out if the Court of . probably need to fill in these forms: COP1, COP2, and COP3. You will also. The Court of Protection (Amendment) Rules (COP(A)R ), SI / The applicant should file a form COP1 along with the court application fee. A deputy is someone appointed by the Court of Protection. You make decisions COP1 on the court web site for specific guidance on this). You can download.

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The applicant should file with the application form any evidence upon which he intends to rely in the form of a COP24 witness statement, an order granting permission if that was a prerequisite to making the application see belowan assessment of capacity in form COP3, any other documents referred to in the application form and such other information and material as may be set out in the Practice Directions.

The applicant should notify these persons as soon as practicable and in any event within 14 days of the date on which the application form was issued.

Close max item overlay Sorry, you have reached the maximum documents that you can select; please select 50 documents or less. This presumption may however be displaced where circumstances reasonably indicate that P’s family should not be notified and that others should be notified instead. This includes information regarding:. Where a professional is appointed to act as deputy, they will be entitled to charge for their work carried out on behalf of P.

Between 6 and 8 weeks before each anniversary of the Deputy appointment, the Office of the Public Guardian will contact the Deputy and ask for the Office of the Public Guardian Report to be completed and returned to them. The wisdom of entrusting your financial affairs to loved ones in the event of illness was thrown seriously into doubt by one High Court case in which a year-old dementia sufferer was let down by a dishonest and stingy relative.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in.

Free trials are only available progection individuals based in the UK. P or any party or person affected by an order made without a hearing or without notice to them has an automatic right to seek a reconsideration of that order. For further information, see the Practice Note: Read more about making decisions on behalf of someoneincluding the forms you need to fill in when you apply to be a deputy.

Once an application form is filed at the court, provided permission is not required or has been granted by the court, the court will issue the application by recording by date stamp, either on the application form protectjon on the court protectiion or on the letter accompanying the form, the date it was received.

For further guidance on the notification of P and interested parties, see the Practice Note: You will then need to tell the affected parties about your application and serve them with the relevant forms:.


Curt next form COP4 is where you give information about yourself. Prltection also understand that time is limited and we will act quickly and professionally on cpo1 behalf. In the courts eyes this is done by way of an assessment of capacity by a doctor who is trained to carry out this sort of thing. Stage 5 — Annual completion of the Office of the Public Prtoection report Between 6 and 8 weeks before each anniversary of the Deputy appointment, the Office of the Public Guardian will contact the Deputy and ask for the Office of the Public Guardian Report to be completed and returned to them.

Deprivation of liberty applications []and. There is no requirement to file medical evidence or to notify or serve a copy of the application on P or anyone else, unless the court directs otherwise. This process is known as ‘allocation of proceedings’. Looking for legal advice? It should be noted, however, that the examples set out in the practice direction are only examples and the short procedure is not appropriate where the application is likely to be contentious.

Co1 should also be notified of the application unless P has become a party to the application, or unless the court has exercised its discretion either on its own initiative or on application to direct that P must not be notified. Court of Protection forms.

To save or print, please use the options provided under file. Signing a Power of Attorney? Any second appeal from the decision of that circuit judge will be to the Court of Appeal. Sign up now not now. Applications to the court to start proceedings profection be made by filing a COP1 application form, which should identify the applicant and the person lacking capacity P and state the matter which the applicant wants the court to decide and the order the applicant is seeking.

I can provide you with a fast, friendly and cost effective legal service. ccourt

Court of Protection forms and guidance

We appreciate that this can be difficult, and they may not protdction what they are being told; however, we can offer some wording suggestions which will help satisfy your duties. The form is called COP3 and we will send out the form to the relevant doctor, who will then complete and return to us before being sent off to the court.

This, therefore will hopefully act as a guide of what to expect throughout the process, also allowing you to collect the information you need before contacting us, hopefully speeding up the process and giving you peace of mind.

Court of Protection—reconsideration and appeals. Unless the court has ordered that the time for service be amended, then as soon as practicable, and in any event within 21 days of the date on which the application form was issued, the applicant must serve a copy of the application on any person who is named as respondent in the application form, together with copies of the relevant application documents and a form COP5 for acknowledging service.


However, the information above will provide an excellent starting point for the application and any more information needed will be recovered at a later date. For further information on litigation friends and Rule 3A representatives in the Court of Protection, including the rules relating to the appointment and removal of litigation friends and who may act as a Rule 3A representative, see the Practice Note: There are court fees and disbursements which will be payable by all applicants on making a new application to the court.

Court of Protection forms – Clarke Willmott Solicitors

Who can make decisions for someone who lacks capacity Elderly Care and Court of Protection blog — for news and articles Wealth, Health and Inheritance Briefing — view the latest edition and sign up for regular updates Ccop1 a Court of Protection solicitor If you need advice about becoming a Court of Protection Deputy or help with completing Court of Protection forms call prktection specialist team of lawyers now on or contact us online.

Please use the checkboxes to select at least one document.

For further guidance on reconsideration and appeals in the Court of Protectio, see the Practice Note: A further COP14 form is served to the person you have applied to be Deputy for to inform them the deputyship order had been granted by the Court of Protection.

This is where Seatons come in, we are experts in the Court of Protection and we have years of experience which we can rely on. Court of Protection—permission to apply. Costs and expenses in the Court of Protection.

P, copp1 party to the proceedings or any other person affected by an order made by an authorised court officer may apply to the court to have the order reconsidered by a judge. This is by no means a coop1 list of all the information that you may be required to provide prior to becoming a deputy. The basic appeal structure in the Court of Protection is as follows:. Please select a document. Court of Protection, are available in this subtopic:.

PD 9D contains examples of cases which may be suitable for the short procedure.

A court officer may not conduct a hearing and must refer to a judge any application or any question arising in any application which is contentious or which, in if opinion of the officer is complex, requires a hearing or for any other reason ought to be considered by a judge. If you need to make an application to the Court of protection on behalf of a loved one then I can help. The first step or need to take is to call Seatons.