Coriun Aharonian (Uruguay Section). Could we begin asking what and why? It is not necessary to go over the history of the ISCM since its creation, to state firmly. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , Eduardo Herrera and others published The Uruguayan composer Coriun Aharonian: Music, ideology. Coriún Aharonián (Q). Uruguayan composer. Coriun Aharonian. edit Coriún Aharonian. retrieved. 9 October place of birth · Montevideo.

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Still, works like ‘Diastasis’ W.

If the traps for massification have as a purpose an educational goal, this was cancelled by the way compositions were visually presented in that book and the complementary printed matter is Webern’s opus 11 less important than his opus 31? Even in popular music, a mega-show in a stadium is not at all more important than a normal recital in a small hall.

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of World New Music Daystake a stroll down memory lane by visiting our updated website – www. Though I am sure that there are many more modern German soloists, ensembles and orchestras than the ca. There is nothing negative in becoming elitist. In complicated programs that use more than one performer for the same instrument, the different performers’ names should accompany other details about the work.

Unforgettable hosts like the wonderful ‘Arditti Quartet’, the excellent violinist Mieko Kanno, the B. The international jury never received the complete list of compositions entered for selection a list that, even more, did not exist when the jury arrived to do its workthe declaration in this sense of the jury was never officially published and it does not appear in the booklet of the festival in spite of the fact that their names were invoked and used as a validation of the whole programme, and a great part of the compositions chosen was not included in the concerts.


A first problem is that we are dealing with Western European categories, and that the point of departure is, inevitably, Western European music history. Even the evolutionist career is fundamentally a Western European illness.

The poster of the festival was itself a gay manifesto. In Essen, disregarding any common sense, orchestra concerts were considered the first rate activities, according to the layout of the programme book.

Almost parallel to the subject of international composers should also be that auaronian international performers, whose rules must be – a works from their country, b works from the host country and c works from other countries. It is not an accident that the more coriyn a country has been, the deeper are its roots in the field of an art music of its own, and that the oldest colonised countries have more possibilities of having found their own paths within the present-day creation of art music.

This was quite a shame. Real perfection will be achieved when all of the ISCM membersl as well as ‘poorer’, non-member countries are included! An ISCM festival cannot be a matter of show-business.

Berg were added, ahsronian 14 contemporary composers including the famous M. Pages of scores, composers’ and performers’ pictures, and even some paintings ‘parallel’ to the music styles, should also be included in it! No one of these names was using the ISCM fa! These considerations were evidently not clear to the organisers of the World Music Days in Essen in june-july But he was not alone, of course.

This is a sharonian central point, because after the Essen deviation, others can feel themselves free to do whatever they want, in spite of all what has been agreed – and this seems to be already the situation in Copenhagen Member Listing How to Apply Login.


In addition, the major part of the orchestra concerts were tricky, full of “old” and “very old” compositions included with the apparent intention to attract multitudes what for?

There is no serious possibility of sustaining such an absurd presentation of facts.

Coriún Aharonián

In some concerts the order of the works was changed, and some were not performed. Since I have heard many contemporary operas in German opera houses like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Ahqronian and Cologne, and also enjoyed ballets with modern music in them and in Pina Bausch’s Wuppertal Dance Theatre, I was astonished that none of them were invited to this festival!

Zimmermann’Resonanzen’ Th. Kurtag’s works, giving excellent proof that ancient musical points of view should join and enrich our new ones, as well as several other concerts.

Some elites can be or can become larger or smaller, but this cannot be a metre to measure their social importance.

Coriún Aharonián – Wikipedia

If something must be sacrificed, it is the predominance of purposes or goals of massive response. For people from the actual Third World it looks extremely ridiculous in a First World rich and powerful country, to expressly exclude or replace good listening places just for fun, or for aesthetic fancy, or for cheap snobbism.

In ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, only 3 out of 10 internationally symphonic works chosen were performed. Varese, Luigi Nono, etc.

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One or more concerts was cancelled, and ‘Epitaphs’ by Albanian T.