The principles and practices of coopetition are credited to Harvard and Yale business professors, Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Now available in paperback, with an all new Reader’s guide, “The New York Times” and “Business Week” bestseller “Co-opetition” revolutionized the game of . Citation: Barry J. Nalebuff, Adam M. Brandenburger, () “Co‚Äźopetition: Competitive and cooperative business strategies for the digital economy”, Strategy.

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The authors use many examples to show the simultaneous interplay between competition and cooperation. May 10, Max Nova rated it liked it Shelves: I’ve long felt there was a more humane approach to business than being cutthroat towards the competition.

Brandenburger and Barry J. The model is highly abstract. Practical in most of the sense. Opened my understanding about the business world – don’t know much about business but I can see how our world could improve if we thought more about co-opetition than competition.

Co-opetition (book) – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Co-opetition describes a strategic framework that enables organisations to classify relevant actors in their industry and beyond. This was a very interesting read.

Co-opetition opened up an a whole new playing field of brandenburter based business possibilities that I had never even considered before. The model is based on the principles of game theory and has inevitably inherited some of its limitations; i. As ofthe book is still available in its 9th printing. Even more importantly, extending it in time extends total volume being negotiated, often making bidding more aggressive — and bidders perhaps willing to take bigger risks of retaliation in other competitions if this is a particularly do-or-die one for them.


It was easy to read and highly informative. A firm can extend its business to other games when it adds value to the other game and increases its profitability.

Incidentally, airlines are such a tough industry that they seem to have pioneered a lot of innovations around deterring and abating price wars although the industry remains challenged. The authors never really make clear what distinguishes game theory from good business sense.

Two take-aways for me was: Since the book is full of good stories, it’s hard not to coopetiyion it, brandenbjrger readers looking for science are likely to be disappointed. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat The most interesting business opportunities arise from intersections between traditional industries. The PARTS of business strategy show that an organization can influence the market on dimensions other than price and quality.

Oct 17, Thomas rated it it was amazing.

In return, money goes from the company to the suppliers. The book tackles the heated issues between cooperation and competition.



The book briefly introduces an important concept of complementers those firms whose products enhance demand for yours — grills and hot dogs, Intel and Microsoft. Oct 03, Franco Arda rated it brandfnburger it. While in business school, I asked an econ professor for a recommendation on further game theory readings; he pointed me to this book.

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Also, it makes a few predictions that prove wrong in history, so it’s hard to avoid losing credibility. Reigns Musonda Malichi rated it really liked it Brandenburver 12, Competitors Sony and Philips acted as complementors in the joint development of a standard for the Compact Disc.

What Game Theory has to offer in Business The Value Net can be used to identify and categorize the current players in the game.

Mar 29, Lori Grant rated it liked it Shelves: Based on case studies across different industries, they argued that cooperation and competition are both necessary and desirable when doing business. Class of Professorship at Harvard Business School. Sep 15, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: