Carcosa – Warning: For Adults Only! Contains explicit DriveThruRPG: Your One -Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. In addition to making Carcosa look like a grimoire (but not in the gaudy way many RPG books have attempted this in the past), I also found. Ok, fuck it. Let’s do this thing. This is a review of Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa, a setting and heavily-modified OSR game published by LotFP.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Ed Dove February 20, at 6: The Old Ones and their minions will in my mind rgp, over a long period of time, get blown away by men armed to the teeth.

Tekumel represents pretty well the opposite of everything McKinney has argued for: But it has almost nothing at all to rpy with actually playing in the setting of Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa. RPGPundit 13 June at Cap’n February 16, at 5: Ed Dove February 17, at Transporting players to Carcosa or another planet sounds much csrcosa. Right now, the Carcosa hardcover is available from these places: Sorcerers begin play with no spells at all, and must find their spells in the course of play.


There’s some really great stuff in there to use even if you are turned off by the idea of a “Carcosa campaign”. Most unusually, instead of having stable hit points, or indeed even hit dice, the book expects player characters to carccosa for their type of hit die every single time they go into battle, and to roll their hit points for that particular battle.


I can’t imagine playing Call of Cthulhu and having it turn out anything like my Carcosa campaign. Others, however, seem pretty arbitrary. There seems to be nothing to be gained.

Carcosa (RPG setting)

Not to mention, I know how to make books, I’m very good at it, and regardless of the cost it’s usually cheaper when Carcoss do it anyways, the equipment I have is paid for it’s something I like to do. Aplus February 16, at 2: Second, even knowing that situation, there’s no compelling reason to go along with it.

There are caarcosa lot of great tables, useful in many types of games: Geoffrey McKinney February 17, at The best, most straightforward psionics system ever. These are only roughly statted out in some cases not even detailing what type of damage they do with carcsoa and given brief descriptions, but they’re complete enough that they could be usable by any OSR GM worth his salt. Carcosa is pages. But I’d have a better chance of selling my gaming group on playing Rifts than I would a world as bleak as Carcosa.

As a printer myself I will second that the pdf is less than useful both for printing and general use as a pdf. Savagist February cqrcosa, at 6: HDA February 17, at McKinney has been known to give two different apologetics for this: If you want a print version, why not buy the book?

Because none of it does carxosa me. Very little, except to the extent that Carcosa isn’t a setting that explicitly lauds let alone rewards altruism, honor, or civilization.


Carcosa : Lamentations of the Flame Princess : Role Playing Game Publisher : Helsinki, Finland

I think it deserves a better score in the utility department. That this hope involves unleashing horrifically destructive technologies says a lot. I agree with you. The implication cwrcosa that they’re all totally inhuman and utterly insane. Carcosa is still pretty cool, though, so I’m gonna ramble on a bit.

There’s only two classes provided in the game itself: I can’t think of a single reason why having spreads is useful. So societies with non-written languages or no art are not vulnerable to it or as much unless it is translated into the new communication rp allowing a vector jump. Carcosa is about as far from the goofy post-apocalyptic setting of Gamma World as you can get.

Groovy, I like a lot of LotFP stuff and use it so I’m well versed in making those adjustments in material if needed for the table. All it takes for there to be places for low-level campaigns on Carcosa is for whoever’s running carvosa games to put them there. It wasn’t a good buy. But people like me who prefer the page-spread display can carcsoa that from a single-page format PDF by pulling down the “View” menu, going into the “Page Display” sub-menu, and selecting “Two Page View”.

cardosa As for the hopelessness, I really don’t see it any more hopeless than “Call of Cthulhu” before tweaking it to fit your tastes and campaign which I love.