Hi Is it possible to download a pdf version of the instruction manual for the Canon TCN3 Timer Remote Controller? If so a link would be. The TCN3’s single CR battery is rated for about 3 years of life and I have 9 Canon Timer Remote Controller TCN3 compared to the Canon Remote. The TCN3 is the most advanced cable remote control available for any EOS camera. For remote photography not only does it act as a remote trigger to help.

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Zach Wise at www. This tutorial covers the basics nicely.

I suggest testing it out a few times before putting it to work. Time-lapse is a great tool to have at your disposal if used properly. Click on the link for the video. Author of this post: We only send updates about our most relevant articles.


Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 Review

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Canon TC-80N3 User Manual

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Canon TCN3 Time-lapse video tutorial. | cinema5D

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