Book of Enchantments. Patricia C. Wrede, Author Point Fantasy $ (p) ISBN Book of Enchantments. Buy this book. Amazon. From a master storyteller comes this collection of ten new and exciting stories, including a tale about a wizard’s daughter who can change chestnuts into gold. This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection. Most of the stories are set in a place of high fantasy–long ago and far.

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Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede | Scholastic

I love rnchantments the seeds of stories form, and watching them bloom into something bright and bold and eye-catching. Other than that — some contemporary, some in other worlds — some in shared worlds, or the Enchanted Forest. Notes about where patrjcia story ideas originated from: These are fractured fairy tales at the very best.

I like the daughter’s friend Tumpkin, by the way. But they’re not often found outside the tropics, I’d have thought. He has tracked his niece, rightful heir to the kingdom he has usurped, to the Enchanted Forest, and demands her surrender. Several of the stories, such enchantents “Stronger Than Time,” re-imagine or reinvent traditional fairy tales.

A collection of magical short stories by an author best known for her humorous Enchanted Forest Chronicles, in which spunky young heroines turn the knight-in-shining-armor–damsel-in-distress paradigm on its head. Is not actually the focus of the story. Ultimately she is enchzntments to escape by walking with her hand on the cat’s back. It may be a bit much for sensitive young readers.

Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede

Ingredients and their proportions are helpfully translated from the original barbarian into equivalents familiar to the reader. Perilous situations and definite creep factor.


A collection of short stories. But the recent impressions are clear in my memory now, so I’ll just write them or today, and get to the last story and the notes later. When Elyssa refuses to stay in the clearing admiring the unicorn’s beauty and making garlands for him to wear, the unicorn becomes angry and holds her there by magic.

This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection. The last story in particular, “”Utensile Strength,”” involves familiar characters from Wrede’s series and features a rousing “”bake-off”” for knights, with the recipe for the winning entry included. I found all the stories to be very interesting and unique.

Wrede has a gift for creating stories that just make me happy.

These really are enchanting stories–but also vividly real takes of the decisions we make and the consequences we live must live with. There are, of course, three stories that touched me very book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I vaguely remembered this from last time but it wasn’t as dark as I remembered it being, just kind of weird. A story about a group of high schoolers encountering the Lorelei my boo, I think the Caliph needs to reconsider his whole attitude toward life.

Book of Enchantments

I admit to cringing over the repeated references to the Lexus in the driveway, and the awkward descriptions of the moody, cigarette-smoking older sister. Thankfully it was short. Wrede though and especially The Enchanted Forest Chronicles so when I found this book at our library, I couldn’t resist. Some printings of this book were marketed wreee their publishers to younger readers, some to adults; that’s indicative of the fact that she simply spins wholesome, engaging stories well told, which can appeal to readers of any age.

Apr 10, Katrina rated it really liked it Shelves: To fend off her uncle she grabs the object nearest to hand, which turns out to envhantments the frying pan, and beans him with it with I haven’t tried this. If I had been 13 when I read this for the first time instead of 27, I think I would have been madly in love with enchantmebts stories and the storyteller.


To add insult to injury, when he is cursed, his whole family is cursed with him. Stories with strong, cunning, self reliant women who triumph not because they are beautiful, but because they are wise. It’s a very thought-provoking tale. Some printings of this book were marketed by their publishers to younger readers, some to adults; that’s indicative of the fact that she simply spins wholesome, engaging stories well to Wrede [pronounced as “Reedy”] is one of my favorite authors, and IMO one of the best writers of English-language fantasy fiction in her generation.

The rightful wielder having been found, a different prize must be found for the tournament champion, who turns out to be a barbarian with a killer recipe for Quick After-Battle Triple Chocolate Cake.

She started writing in seventh grade. I enjoyed the clever twist.

Patricia received her M. Quick read but patriciw it- don’t forget the read the notes from the author for where she got her story ideas, super neat! Mar 15, Aidan Blake rated it really liked it.

At the same time, these stories were really well written and enjoyable reads, even if some of them were sad. Wrede has made it clear what her own preference is.