The Lower Benue Trough is the southern portion of the Benue Trough that is believed to have originated as a failed arm of an aulacogen at the time of the. The Benue Trough of Nigeria (Figure 1(a)) is an intracontinental basin in Central West Africa that extends NE to SW. It is over km in length and exceeds. The Benue Trough is an elongate rifted depression in which the sediments reach well over m thickness in places and have been strongly folded, probably.

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This study assessed the level of malarial infection in relation to some epidemiological factors, gravidity and pregnancy period of antenatal clinic attendees of the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Other economic minerals such as coal and diatomite occur in Gombe and Bularafa, limestone around Ashaka, low-grade base metals, as well as large potential for glass sands and mineral juvenile water in the trough.

The third and last period is also found only in the south of the trough, and may be related to an isostatic response to the earlier crustal thinning.

Benue Trough

The lowermost km of the crust is rift-related mafic magmatic intrusion or underplating from partial melting in the hot upper mantle. Petroleum discovery wells in Niger and Chad Republics showing stratigraphic levels and trouggh type of reservoirs and bfnue associated petroleum system data from Genik, Observations of mud loss and benye lack of observed gas shows indicate that formation pore fluid pressure is not significantly upper plate; and 3 although low differential stresses may persist down to the plate boundary at Spectral Analysis The results of the Spectral analysis carried out is displayed in Table 1.

This study describes and evaluates a new simulation component for parabolic trough collectors PTCs. The ingression traces of the Western Siberian basin in the Albian were found for the trlugh time in the considered region. A total of one hundred and twenty Clarias gariepinus comprising 30 dead and 30 live fishes were examined for protozoan parasites infestation, sixty each from the wild and a pond cultured environment over a period of six months.

Full Text Available Aim: Cirrus cloud development in a mobile upper tropospheric trough: The troughs are gently plunging synformal structures comprising stacks of crescentic modally graded layers with a sharply defined mafic base that grades upward into plagioclase-rich material. The second is found only in the south of the trough, and may belong to a period when the extension of the Atlantic had slowed down, ending with a period of compression.

Also, the gills had the highest parasite load Major oxides and trace element analysis of baryte and the host rocks was undertaken using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ICP-MSbbenue order to establish the geochemical characteristics and to constrain the origin of the baryte bwnue.


Reconnaissance and detailed field studies were done.

upper benue trough: Topics by

After resampling the data to a uniform Hz sample rate, we compute spectra for both signal and noise windows for each seismogram, and select traces with a P-wave signal-to-noise ratio greater than 5 between 5 Hz and 15 Hz. These systems are related to the three major rift phases that affected the WCARS Figure 7hence mostly individually confined within the identified sequence bounded assemblages of the rift phases.

Through analysis of physical and socioeconomic parameters, the study adapted an impact assessment model to rank potential impacts on agricultural development in the study area.

The last formation was deposited in the West Siberian inner sea isolated from the Arctic basin. The alluvial fan depositional environment dominantly consists of debris flow facies that commonly occur as matrix supported conglomerate. The base of the Elephant Trees Fm, dated here at 8.

The second phase occurred during the Tertiary, corresponding to the intense alkaline magmatic activity in relation to the Cameroon volcanic line. Environmental risk assessment of lead-zinc mining: A common explanation of the trough’s formation is that it is an aulacogenan abandoned arm of a three-armed radial rift system.

The use of molten salt instead of synthetic oil as heat transfer fluid will bring down the levelized costs of electricity LCOE even further while providing dispatchable energy with high capacity factors. Rock-Eval pyrolysis and Total Organic Carbon results indicate that most of the samples of the studied basins are thermally immature to mature. Some of these graphs present two linear segments while others present three segments.

Petroleum Potentials of the Nigerian Benue Trough and Anambra Basin: A Regional Synthesis

At the aim of this study was bbenue determine the tetanus seroprevalence among pregnant women and childbearing aged woman living in the Ben-u Sen Health Center region that is in lower socio-economical level. Growth of the Tufts fan now permits turbidity-current overflow from Cascadia Channel to reach the Escanaba Trougha deep rift valley along the southern axis of the Gorda Ridge.

These were surrounded by deeper marine areas in which volcaniclastics and carbonate debris accumulated.

A refinement to the model involves the rise of a mantle plumewhere abnormal heat leads to melting of the upper mantlethinning and stretching the crustfollowed by rifting of the weakened crust.

In contrast to Bouse Sr, strontium from mollusks in tidal-flat and delta-front paleoenvironments in the contemporaneous Imperial Formation in the Salton trough and from the subsurface south of Yuma was derived from sea water and confirms the dominance of marine strontium near or at the mouth of the late Miocene to early Pliocene Colorado River. However, efforts are still on and trougj money is still being sunk into the area with the hope of finding oil in the near future.


This interpretation requires abrupt marine inundation that has been linked to early rifting in the Gulf of California and Salton trough. A photovoltaic PV solar concentration structure having at least two troughs encapsulated in a rectangular parallelepiped optical plastic structure, with the troughs filled with an optical plastic material, the troughs each having a reflective internal surface and approximately parabolic geometry, and the troughs each including photovoltaic cells situated so that light impinging on the optical plastic material will be concentrated onto the photovoltaic cells.

The mean background radiation ionization exposure rate of 0. Various expressions of late cretaceous angular unconformities in Northern Benue Trough. A gravimetric study of the Gastre trough in the Province of Chubut, to the southwest of the Canadon Asfalto basin, has allowed us to determine the geometry of its crystalline basement.

Note the infilling arrow of the fractures of the mineral matter by fluorinite in c and d. During the Late Early to Middle Cretaceous, the basin subsided rapidly and was covered by the sea. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

This grade into sandy braided river systems with well developed floodplains facies, forming probably at the lowermost portion of the alluvial fan depositional gradient, where it inter-fingers with basinal facies. Because the base of the marine Imperial Group does not coincide with a change in subsidence rate, we suggest that initial marine incursion resulted from a latest Miocene global sea-level highstand superposed on steady subsidence.

Spector and Grant method consistently overestimates depths over the range of 0 to 15 km Fedi et al.

Both advantages and disadvantages are discussed. They are composed of predominantly type III organic matter and have generated oil and gas Table 1 in the Termit Basin. Up to now, there is no evidence of oceanic crust in the Okinawa Trough. A trough is disclosed for supplying piglets with frough supplements in the suckling period.

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A gravity interpretation based on data obtained from three NW-SE profiles on the residual anomaly map has been carried out using a 2. The paper describes the modelling approach, presents the comparison of simulation results with measurements taken at the DISS facility and evaluates the results. Fat grafting is a simple, safe, and effective solution for adding extra volume to correct the deflation phenomenon of the midface aging process.

Similarities and differences in their relative positions and movements of the two features are identified and their possible causes are briefly discussed. Cobbles in Troughs Between Meridiani Ripples. The block faulting that produced the horst and graben structures can also provide good migration pathways for generated hydrocarbons.