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It is hoped that the recent amendments to the Employment Act will get the support of all parties to ensure workers welfare is protected and to guarantee harmonious industrial relations in this country. The Star, Feb As you would realize, before the Act was amended there was a pre-existing definition for sub-contractor for labour who functioned to manage workers needed by principals.

Kursus Akta Pekerjaan 1955 (Termasuk Pindaan 2012)_MyAnuar_Synergy

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Posted by WH4C at This exemption order is made to exempt all activities of manpower supply by any contractor for labour in all sectors, save the pekerjaam and plantation sector pkndaan compliance with the provisions concerning rights of contractors for labour as contained in section 31, 33A, 69 and 73 of the Employment Act Subscribe To Posts Atom.

MyAnuar Synergy Sdn Bhd reserves the right to cancel the event, in which case delegates will be refunded in full but shall not otherwise be entitled to any compensation, pjndaan, travel expenses, losses or damages arising from such cancellation. On 23 Julypekerjaxn Registrar rejected the application without providing any reason for doing so. To date more than 20 meetings have been held between the Government and the social partners on labour issues, including those pertaining to migrant workers.

However, claims by contractors for labour against principals can only be made through civil courts. Adding to the woe was the Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Bhd MISC withdrawal from the liner industry, resulting in more empty containers sitting at the depot awaiting pelerjaan.

Kami, 90 kesatuan sekerja, kumpulan masyarakat awam civil society groups dan pertubuhan yang bertandatangan di bawah membantah tindakan kerajaan Malaysia menghancurkan perhubungan pekerjaan employment relationship terus di antara prinsipal sebagai majikan, dan pekerja workers mereka selaku pekerja employee melalui pindaan terbaru Akta Kerja The contractor for labour and their practices should not be allowed in any sectors including the plantation and agricultural sector.


However, the work permits issued by the Immigration Department stipulate, as a condition of employment, that migrant workers may not join a “persatuan”, or association, which is interpreted by employers to also pindana a “kersatuan” – or trade union.

For your information, the Ministry did not intend to create simplification or the promotion of contractor for labour manpower contractors. In conclusion, in making a new policy and amendment to any labour laws, the Ministry always listens and considers any suggestions advanced by workers or employers and other dialogue partners.

They are, security of tenure — ensuring permanence of employment, and proprietary right to the job — where termination of worker, shall be only with just cause and excuse and by due process.

Thus, the definition of contractor for labour manpower contractors is not a new proposal. Init was extended to manufacturing and service hotel and restaurants sectors and init was extended to all sectors. Kami juga menuntut untuk pemansuhan pekerjaan tidak menentu precarious employmentdan untuk dikelakan hubungan kerja dua pihak yang adil di antara prinsipal dan pekerja-employeedan untuk menghormati hak pekerja dan hak kesatuan sekerja.


The strike was called on Wednesday by the truckers frustrated at the long waiting time at depots coupled with the decision to raise gate charges from RM5 to between RM18 and RM The source said for a real solution to the problem, the government must get to its root by involving the shipping liners in their meetings. The MOHR Minister, in an attempt to placate the MTUC, trade unions, civil society groups and workers issued an exemption order, effective April 1 stwhich, amongst others, stated: This practice also saved principal company money that would have ordinarily been expended for workers like medical cost, insurance, bonus, wage increments, retirement benefits, transportation and accommodation, service awards, and several other benefits.

The PKA and the Transport Ministry, washing their hands off the problem in the early stages of the strike by claiming it has no jurisdiction over the depots, said the source, had allowed the strike to persist for three days, creating a pileup of 16, to 20, containers.


Thus, the Ministry, in good faith, brought about this new definition to control the practice of supplying workers by contractor for labour manpower contractors especially in the plantation sector so that it is more organized. I can forward this to my customers but what if they refuse to pay?

It requests the Government to keep it informed of the progress made in this regard. Posted by WH4C at 3: The complainant indicates that following several widely reported cases of abuse of Indonesian domestic workers, pibdaan decided to organize domestic workers by registering an association of domestic workers under the Societies Act. Monday, September 3, Human Resource Ministry responds to call for abolition of contractor for labour. As a result, it caused the employment of workers through this system was not efficiently and effectively controlled.

Clean Clothes Campaign, the Netherlands. With respect to migrant workers in general apart from migrant domestic workersthe complainant states that the Department of Trade Union Affairs has ruled that they may join trade unions representing other workers at their respective enterprises.

Whereas the rights of the subcontractors for labour for all the other sector is maintained as was before the Employment Act was amended. All workers that work under the control and supervision of the principal must be the employees of the said principal not some third party. This, he said, has given birth to a myriad of new problems, as the overdue storage meant incurring extra charges which could amount up to RM1, per container per day.

Garment and Allied Workers Union, India. Akta kerja peraturan- peraturan dan Kerja adalah Akta yang menyediakan terma-terma dan syarat-syarat perkhidmatan minima kepada pekerja yang dilindungi oleh Akta. Padaini telah dilebarkan kepada sektor pembuatan manufacturing dan perkhidmatan hotel dan restorandan pada tahunianya dibenarkan untuk kesemua sektor. This means, the new provisions concerning contractor for labour only applies to contractor for labour carrying out activities of manpower supply in the agricultural and plantation sector only.