Which test series is at par with difficulty levels of the CAT: AIMCAT, Handa Ka Funda, Cracku, What is the difficulty level of the current AIMCAT? 1, Views. DIRECT DOWNLOAD! time aimcat pdf повідомлень: . Aimcat pdf pdf Aimcat pdf Aimcat pdf DOWNLOAD!. AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Ref. AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT

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You’ll have to reassess you abilities and fine tune your strategies. Repeat the tests will help to improve your timing.

But not a good strategy to attempt only QA questions as it may happen than QA is very tough and DI is very easy in your paper.

Chat Transcript

Hey sir, I want to enroll for the aimcat You have 5 to 6 months: They will see through it. This question is answered earlier pl.

Definitely you’ll have to have proper justification as to why such a big drop happened.


How to prepare for Permutations and Combinations topic? Leaving difficult question immediately must be a part of ur strategy.

Please dont waste here, its better to buy rsrs online coaching materials from TIME. Last minute preparation tips for XAT. Then there is Articles on CAT preparation.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT – 1312 DISCUSSION THREAD (Please Do nOt OpeN if you have not takEn the tEst)

Collect the Lot 2 set of materials from your centre. Sir, I have finished solving the basic material provided especially the quant chapters. Learn More at truthfinder. I divide its preparation in three parts.

Sit in a revision class. Send a mail to info time4education.

As I have seen one of my friend attempted 29 correct in cat Please can you guide me to handle the DI easily: We did not recieve any such. Preparation Tips for CAT Check out the cut off date by which you need to submit your provisional certificate at MDI.

That will help a lot and yes, Cheer up!! You should’ve attempted the DI qns from the 1st section as there were a few very easy qns in DI too and that would’ve improved your score.


Again, one suggestion, try to attempt any test without any such “numbers” in mind. That will help a lot in your preparation!! You have just started.

Sir,how to approach the online foundation tests The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Pls call up your centre on this and seek help.

Aimcat 1015 discussion(Please Dont Click if you have not taken the test)

Chat on last min preparation tips for CAT All kind of questions can be expected, you need to practice all of them so that you are not stumped on the “D” day. Then solve ex b. Read the details given in the set aimct scan the questions to decide the extent of analysis required for the set and proceed.