Jake Linley has always been waiting and watching on the sidelines for Lydia Craven. He can only see but not touch as she is the beloved daughter of wealthy . “Against the Odds” by Lisa Kleypas. Though he likes Lord Wray, he also envies him for winning Lydia because Jake Linley knows she is the prize. When a. Lisa Kleypas Against the Odds Prologue If any man knew how to hold his liquor, it was Jake Linley. God knew he’d had a lot of practice at.

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Against the Odds Book Summary and Study Guide

I think she resorts to eye-rolling melodrama with annoying frequency OMG, it’s yet another kidnapping by yet another cardboard villain who we’ve barely even heard about before page ! Please do not combine Against the Odds with any anthology or standalone book. His and Sara’s interactions were so good to read, I’ll say the best pdds this novella. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

She’s a Scottish princess, cousin to king Malcolm. It was good, but I think it could’ve been better if it had been written as a full-length novel. The other, probably the younger and not-as-beautiful-as-the-elder-sister one falls for Ned.

Jul 08, Minh rated it it was ok Shelves: Gamblers of Craven’s “Against the Odds”, 3. I love your green eyes. Dear Avon Books, Where are my heroes? I also find some of her “heroes” so controlling, domineering, ruthless klrypas malicious that they strike me more as villains, and she tends to lisx into the damaging and, i I’ve always had strangely conflicting feelings about Lisa Kleypas’ work.


She met Simon a year ago, after her brother died.

Against the Odds (in “Where’s My Hero?”)

Surprisingly – for me, at least – Kleypas’s story was my least favorite. I thought the plot was overly dramatic and silly and the hero too improbable. On one hand he’s known as the Wraith, legendary warrior and then he’s a sap writing letters to this girl he’s met only once? Sep 07, MRB rated it really liked it. In them, Simon was portrayed as a happy-go-lucky chap, a knight-errant who loves to have meaningless affairs with lady’s maids and married women in his own words, if his implications were anything.

Unlike some romance anthologies, this refreshing volume is more a tribute to the authors’ fans than a marketing tool. Her novella here has some of the great lines, witty insights that readers expect from most of Quinn’s work, but this wasn’t a favorite of mine. She can thee me greatly, but she can againsf captivate my head, heart and story-worshiping soul. Cerita kedua, si wanita hampir menikah de Tidak akan menceritakan satu persatu dari cerita di dalamnya.

There’s something againdt these medieval books that just rankles: All these made her ignore Jake thoroughly and Jake thought that Lydia can’t stand him for some reasons. Although short I did really enjoy this. And, Simon got seriously injured. In this novella, though, I just couldn’t muster up affection for Ned.


P Ini kali pertama aku membaca cerita kompilasi HR sih, jadi terasa bedanya. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. He’s charming and witty but not at all shallow, he’s got a thankful amount abainst vulnerability beneath his arrogance, and he’s a semi-smartass but not at all mean-spirited, scarily manipulative or ‘ruthless’ like too many of Kleypas’ other heroes.

Detailed Review Summary of Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas

Sincerely, A Romance Fan Some books are so special that there is more than one hero to love, but only a single story is told. I really felt for her since she’s very sweet and honest.

It is an incredible story that brings back characters from the Gambler siere which is one of my favorite. All of the characters knew one another and were discussing events of a few days past. I’m a novella kleypass, which means that I’m eager and ready to believe that my fictional couples can develop genuine love and closeness in far fewer pages.

Unlike some romance anthologies, this refreshing volume is more a tribute to the authors’ fans than a marketing tool.