The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a heavy-duty truck introduced by Mercedes-Benz in It is normally used for long-distance haulage, heavy duty distribution. Capacity ccm; Number of cylinders6; FuelDiesel; Performance PS; SuspensionSteel suspension; Driving formula8 x 4; TypActros 8×4 Fassi Large selection of second-hand Mercedes-Benz Actros available here. Great offers from top traders & auctions all in one place. Buy your Mercedes-Benz .

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The engine management system employed by this engine is the PLD Pumpe Leitung Duese-German abbr which incorporates single plug-in pumps for each cylinder supplying fuel under pressure up to 1, bar to the injection valves. This system is very reliable and efficient.

For Sale Mercedes Benz Actros (BIG AXLE / STEEL / 8X8) tipper truck | ID:

Vehicles for sale search. Alpha 3 Alpha 1 Alpha 1. Either way, the gear is selected first, then the clutch is depressed. Eurotrakker 11 Eurotrakker 9 Eurotrakker 2 Eurotrakker 14 Eurotrakker 8 Eurotrakker 2. The current gear is shown as a large number on the main display. The upper bunk is somewhat wider, but all the controls radio, windows, auxiliary heater, etc.


Once moving, the driver has two choices. The cabin of the Actros is built with consideration for the driver. It is available in weights starting at 18 tonnes [ citation needed ] and is powered by an inline-6 diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler. The second Actros generation comes with an electronic sequential gearbox that Mercedes-Benz has dubbed the “Telligent Gearbox”. When at a standstill, the driver must push the right button, then while holding itpush the lever forward and release it select fourth fast.

MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 4143 8×4 trucks

Doblo 5 Doblo 1. The stopping distance in the Actros was drastically reduced as compared to its predecessor the SK.

Cruise control tempomat 2. Retrieved from ” https: The Telligent gearbox utilizes a atros, together with a load-sensing system on the fifth-wheel coupling, to estimate the proper gear that the truck must be in.

Used Mercedes-Benz Actros for sale

Right hand drive 0. The left button known as the ‘flush button’, as it is flush with the lever is used to switch to neutral. Singapore uses military variants of the Actros for its Singapore Army – in heavy-lift logisticial support roles, designated as the HMCT High Mobility Cargo Transporterrecently actors a launch platform for the air defense system and the intercontinental ballistic missile trailer.


This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. T 3 T 8 T 5 T 2. Zetros 2 Zetros 2. After the gearshift has completed, a double click is sounded through the speakers, and the driver proceeds with pulling off as normal. Arocs 2 Arocs 2 Arocs 3 Arocs 2 Arocs For example, if you’re avtros fourth fast, pulling the splitter switch up once pre-selects fifth slow.

A new solostar concept is available as an option for more comfort when used in a single-driver environment. G-series 8 G3 5 G5 3. L94 2 L 2 LBS 2.

On the other hand, if you want to downshift, the computer assumes you wish to overtake, and gives you a proper gear for acceleration.

Pneumatic suspension of both the cab and the tractor itself makes for a really smooth feeling even on the roughest road.

Its outside mirrors were replaced with a camera and it can do semi-automated driving, using 4413 Drive Assist. There is a wide range of other electronic features, offered as extras. SAF operates 19 different version of Actros.